Cat 1 Family 0

You know I had to post this Susi Spice. Some silly family in Oregon claim their big pussy cat Lux attacked their baby then held the family and the dog hostage in the bedroom. The cat evidently went psycho after the owner kicked him in the butt in response to him attacking the 7 month old baby. They had to ring the police to get rescued. Hmm, who’s the pussy now?


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6 responses to “Cat 1 Family 0

  1. susi spice

    Hahaha It’s only a matter of time before Claudius gets u….

  2. Cat’s can be sooo temperamental. Louie won’t use his litter tray if there’s a visible poo in it !!!! He carried on like this on the weekend and got a wack with the rolled up newspaper which did in fact make him worse lolol.

  3. Kick a cat, that is likely the best outcome. Cat attacks. But really? Call 911?

  4. Cats are evil. I’ll say it again, CATS ARE EVIL!!!
    The doggy is so cute. Scared of a cat but still cute. If that was my cat it would be no longer living or at least at the RSPCA

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