Special Delivery

dog poo boxPoor old Alf. who is 91, just discovered he had been posting his letters in the dog poo box for two friggin years. Seems his family thought he was losing it because they didn’t receive any birthday or Christmas cards. Now that stinks! Fortunately for Alf, a dog walker saw him about to post a birthday card in it and told him that the Royal Mail box was on the other side of the road.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Well I Never, Whoops!

5 responses to “Special Delivery

  1. Oh Shit, Who Knew? lol
    Hope you are having fun
    today Loon xxxx

  2. Seriously, how could his family expect cards give that the man was obviously born a moron…
    Hi Loon!

  3. At least he wasn’t getting his mail from that box.

  4. Oh Dear Loon I really did LOL at this one. What a crack up. Maybe the postie van will have to start emptying it from now on.

  5. Well he WAS 91. I think we’ll all shoving up daisies well before then.

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