Westboro Leader On Death Bed

Fred Phelps is about to meet his maker. Hmm, that could be interesting. Hey, can someone get the sausages ready, there might be an almighty BBQ where he’s going.


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6 responses to “Westboro Leader On Death Bed

  1. Peter might be standing at the Pearly gates with a sign that says God Hates Phelps

  2. Oh Tony he’s old school and a nutter, what’s up with him Loon? No miracles coming his way anytime soon?

  3. susi spice

    “oh I’m afraid u got the answer Phelps but u do get a consolation prize.. Just step a little to the left..a little more… Now u may experience a little heat”… *flush

  4. He was also excommunicated from the church he created and is dying alone. They will not have a funeral or wake for him when he finally breaths his last, so no picket signs across the street sending him to hell.

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