Wake Up Call

Can I come with you?

Can I come with you?

Oh lighten up NASA, you bearers of bad news, you. Seems us humans have messed up …again. Too many kids, not enough natural resources and an ever growing social divide are just some of the reasons why we are doomed. NASA predicts that in the next few decades the world will be split into the “elites” and the “masses” (like it isn’t already?) and if you aren’t in the first group , well lets just say, I hope you like living on an empty stomach. Thanks NASA.


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9 responses to “Wake Up Call

  1. Yes typical that, we need to win the lottery to compete and if we don’t then we can look forward to a life of bullshit 😦 Oh it already is, for some poor sods 😦 lol Great posting Loon xxxx

  2. susi spice

    Urgh… Seems to me the problem are the elites hogging all the resources and wealth… Now where did I put that guillotine…

  3. We’ll be ok, they’ll just feed us Soylent Green

  4. Hey Loon, when you leave comments on my site if you do f—–loon all in one word the Swearing Filter gets you & you get a full load of asterixes or is that asterixii??? But if you separate the 2 words with a space you will get it come up as ******* Loon. Sorry but the swearing filter is there to stay

  5. One more reason why I’m building a rocket to the moon.

  6. We needed NASA for this prediction?

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