Abortion Fund’s Free Gift

If you donate to the DC Abortion Fund guess what you get as a thank you?

coat hangar


Hmm, that’s kinda sick…. plus that damn hook will catch on everything!!!



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7 responses to “Abortion Fund’s Free Gift

  1. Which country are we talking here Loon?

  2. Moonshadow

    The only thing that’s sick, Loon, is the idea that abortions may go back to the back alleys using hangers. Making them illegal won’t stop them, it didn’t when they were illegal before. Women died needlessly.

  3. It is telling, I think it is a message. In this nation, women will continue to have abortions whether they are legal or not. Poor women, will seek dangerous abortions or to self-abort. The symbol is accurate and we shouldn’t turn away from what is uncomfortable.

  4. Everything

    but that was what it was meant to
    catch on
    pull out
    rip lose

    makes one want to throw their shirts on the floor.

  5. susi spice

    I know I’ll be controversial saying this. I am not against abortion if the medical conditions are justified or in cases of rape or incest. But I am against making abortion as easy to get as if u r going to get a hair cut or ur ears pierced. I think it is wrong to embrace abortion like a meaningless act that u can obtain as easily as buying cough medication just because “oops I was too drunk and im not ready” or “oh oh forgot to use a condom it’s ok ill just abort”. Actions and consequences. That is all.

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