Closure For Families of Flight MH370

yellow-ribbonWell, after over two weeks of searching for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 (and me glued to CNN) it appears it may have crashed off the coast of Western Australia (my back yard).  If the debris turns out to be the missing plane I suspect Perth will become the hub. Our little city (the most isolated in the world) has become quite the news headlines of late. To all the families and friends of the passengers and crew , thoughts and prayers.


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6 responses to “Closure For Families of Flight MH370

  1. I hope they find out very soon, and if it is, maybe the can find the black box.

  2. I’m gone fishing …catch yas later….

  3. I was thinking the same thing Loon. Here you were thinking “where are they?” and they were right under your nose. Sad if it’s them though. Now they are thinking decompression theory. Poor people they’ d all have been asleep and not know a thing about it. oh dear very sad indeed.

  4. I hope they do positively identify it, just so the families can get some closure, like you said.

  5. It seems negative adding that I hope it is the airline wreckage but for those waiting for news, if it is the stricken aircraft then at least they will be able to grieve. It is a sad story that has been on-going for too long…

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