Google’s in Town

I was minding my own beeswax a few days ago and guess what cut in front of me? The Google Streetview car. Sheez, I hope it got my best side!



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7 responses to “Google’s in Town

  1. Those cars really exist? You’ll have to check the map later and see if you’re in it!

  2. They exist alright .Loon I hope you had your make up on. I see on my facebook people are posting selfies without their make up to raise money for cancer research. My God they wouldn’t recognize me if I did that lolol . Zakeri who is a friend’s partner posted himself all made up and he looks gay…. I mean really good. BInky I had a blow up pool during the 43 degree + days which we weren’t supposed to fill and you could see it from Google Earth. CLEAR AS A BELL!

  3. Did you take that photo? I saw one once in Queenstown on Tassie’s west coast when I lived there. So now I have to search all of Perth in street view mode looking for a green eyed fly driving a car

  4. You’ve been googled Loon xxxx
    Makes a change from being Tangoed lol

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