You Dirty Rat

ratA friggin one metre rat has been caught in Sweden but not before it moved in and terrorized the hell out of a family. The damn thing tunnelled its way into the family’s home and then made a nest behind their dishwasher. The beast then proceeded to torment the family cat and dig through the water pipes. Enter an exterminator ,who, using an uber industrial trap, killed the bugger. According to experts this rat was a bub, compared to what is living in garbage around the country. Sleep with one eye open people.


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13 responses to “You Dirty Rat

  1. They better not be coming after me!

  2. Rat skin coats for the rich and famous….problem solved…A new Industry is born…

  3. A rat so big
    An opossum makes
    A gun you’d need
    Or a wooden stake
    A trap of iron
    With bars quite thick
    Feed it your dog
    Before it eats your kids
    Bar-B-Q sauce
    That would be grand
    Yummy yummy
    I’m hungry man

  4. Snake food, I despise rodents.

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