Is It Me?

Is it me or are the new WordPress smiley faces creepy? creepy


Filed under Friggin Scary

8 responses to “Is It Me?

  1. They changed them without our permission?

  2. It isn’t just wordpress, it is everywhere. Little strange, creepy? Nah

  3. Wait little smiley face
    What is that look you’re giving me

    Only when you’re in WordPress
    Do you give an evil eye to me

    I’ve checked out Yahoo, Google and Skype
    The ones like you that are free

    The person that drew them all
    Is the same guy It has to be

    But WordPress buys the evil ones
    That sear the hell out of me

  4. I thought you said crappy then 🙂 lmao
    Creepy is good ask any Zombie on
    my Space 🙂 xxxx

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