Public Art Fail

During one of my recent expeditions I stumbled across this mess. The only way you can view the sculpture is from this angle. Now either they put the electric pole  up after it was erected or it was a friggin very bad choice of locations. The sound you hear is my palm hitting my forehead …. friggin Perth.



Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World

6 responses to “Public Art Fail

  1. And it is such a beautiful piece, too.

  2. All that work in this beautiful power pole being distracted by a rusty wire mangle in the foreground…shame ….. SLAP…forehead…

  3. Looks like he’s leaning against the pole resting. I mean it’s tiring work getting up there and if anything needs slapping Mega it ain’t your forehead. lolol

  4. I am not intending to be critical, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; what in Hades is that?

  5. Come Dancing would love that,
    though I doubt if anyone else would 😦 lol

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