Do It Yourself Pain Management

knife3What do you do when doctors won’t fix your sore hand? Build yourself a backyard guillotine and chop it off that’s what. A British guy who had the most friggin intolerable nerve pain for 16 years decided to fix the problem by chopping his hand off after doctors failed to do it. Unfortunately the home made chopping device didn’t cut so cleanly and he had to hack the rest off with a knife. To guarantee the doctors wouldn’t stitch his hand back he built a bonfire and threw it in. After recovering in hospital he discovered, much to his torment, the pain was still there. Bummer. He is now threatening to chop the arm off at the elbow if they can’t find the cause. No Loons, he has been psychologically tested and he isn’t imagining the pain.


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9 responses to “Do It Yourself Pain Management

  1. The guy needs therapy. Talking about taking cutting to an extreme. Sheesh, and I thought Emo was dead.
    Apparently it only smells that way (ark ark ark)

  2. Oh man, nerve pain is the worst kind of pain . I had neuralgia in my teeth and I had root canal and still on and on it went till I almost killed the friggin dentist. Few people know that the sockets of the teeth also have nerve endings and when they become inflamed and not the teeth themselves you become a killer lol. I feel for this man and what he’s experiencing. I bet he feels that no one in the world knows what he’s going through. I was able to PERSUADE the dentist thousands of dollars later to pull the teeth and then all the pain stopped. Dentists have a problem pulling teeth that they see nothing wrong with but as I said it wasn’t the actual tooth. This guy may not be so lucky. Poor man I really feel for him. His life must be so miserable.

  3. Having some in my hand now…I think I’ll keep it though

  4. Chrinc pain can be one of the worst things to live with.

  5. A local guy had a car accident and got just a whiplash but the nerve pain was so intense he threw himself under a train. He couldn’t get help either so he topped himself. I will never mock someone who says they are in pain. Emotional pain is one nerve pain is another. There is a rare disease called BODY INTEGRITY IDENTITY DISCORDER where the body rejects it’s own body parts and people are begging surgeons to amputate the unwanted limbs. How sad for these people. We have a lot to be thankful for.

  6. Just pleased he didn’t have
    groin strain, or anything could
    have happened…

  7. What more somebody can do if he is experience heavy pain for 16 years and no cure, he tried it him self. Great courage

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