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Loon Was At The RAAF

As the search for Malaysian Airlines flight M370 goes into its third week it has been revealed that the Malaysian Government has so far refused to release the full list of items that were being carried in the cargo hold of the plane to Australian authorities (or anyone else for that matter). This has been raising already suspicious eyebrows about what the plane was really carrying and pissing off the pilots who have unenviable task of looking for a friggin needle in a oceanstack. What is Malaysia hiding?

Anywho, for those who don’t know much about Western Australia, the global contingent of planes that have been arriving from around the world to help in the search are making their home at the RAAF Pearce Airbase in Bullsbrook which is basically “out in the boonies” (downtown rural). The base is quite unique as it is right next to the Great Northern Highway where the planes literally land over you. I drove out there yesterday to check out the activity and have a sticky beak. The Chinese planes had just arrived and were out on the tarmac and the two Japanese aircrafts were coming into land, whilst the poor foreign journos were plonked under trees in a small designated area near the main entrance. When I left they were busily writing up their news updates on fold up tables with their car beams as their only source of lighting (sucks to be them). You would think someone would have set up a makeshift tent for them (the bullants and Mozzies must have been having a field day). Greta and Geraldo will not be impressed if they have to venture this way…. unless, of course, they want to bunker down at the Red Roof Hotel Motel or a B&B at Upperthong.

Oh and before I forget, a big hats off and applaud to all the servicemen and servicewomen from around the globe who have put their political differences aside to help find flight M370 . What a wonderful and surprising world we live in. Bravo guys.









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Red Marks The Spot

student 3OMG the Nanny State is at it again. A British school is ditching their red pens because wait for it …. it’s a negative colour. Bhahahahahahah that is what it is suppose to represent you fools. It is meant to alert the student they have got something WRONG. Not nearly wrong or a little wrong …. friggin WRONG. The school is encouraging the teachers to make “two or three positive comments about a student’s homework and point out perhaps one thing that will take them to the next stage.”  Cue eye roll.


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Closure For Families of Flight MH370

yellow-ribbonWell, after over two weeks of searching for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 (and me glued to CNN) it appears it may have crashed off the coast of Western Australia (my back yard).  If the debris turns out to be the missing plane I suspect Perth will become the hub. Our little city (the most isolated in the world) has become quite the news headlines of late. To all the families and friends of the passengers and crew , thoughts and prayers.


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Google’s in Town

I was minding my own beeswax a few days ago and guess what cut in front of me? The Google Streetview car. Sheez, I hope it got my best side!



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Abortion Fund’s Free Gift

If you donate to the DC Abortion Fund guess what you get as a thank you?

coat hangar


Hmm, that’s kinda sick…. plus that damn hook will catch on everything!!!



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Presidential Leak

Well this is a tad awkward. Seems the Columbian president got overly excited during a speech and wet himself. Not a good time to wear beige pants ….


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Simple Things In Life …. Will Cost You

fox3If a group of hecklers in the Bronx start mocking your mom’s singing, please  don’t fight with them, they could shoot you in the head. Oh and while we are at it, you  might want to think twice about  refusing to buy a Florida woman a Mcflurry (ice cream) at Maccas. Yep, odds are she’s gonna  just pour alcohol and petrol over your car and light it …. woof!


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It’s A Wet World After All

Oh no, not what you want…live fish for breakie. An aquarium  in Disney World’s  T-Rex restaurant cracked during the breakfast rush. Can someone find Nemo!!!!  Bucket to table 5.


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Wake Up Call

Can I come with you?

Can I come with you?

Oh lighten up NASA, you bearers of bad news, you. Seems us humans have messed up …again. Too many kids, not enough natural resources and an ever growing social divide are just some of the reasons why we are doomed. NASA predicts that in the next few decades the world will be split into the “elites” and the “masses” (like it isn’t already?) and if you aren’t in the first group , well lets just say, I hope you like living on an empty stomach. Thanks NASA.


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RIP L’Wren Scott

Model, fashion designer and Mick Jagger’s partner of 13 years L’Wren Scott was found dead last night of an apparent suicide. Sadly, Mick Jagger is right here in Perth, with the rest of the band, getting ready for a concert tomorrow night. Not a situation anyone would want to be in. Rest in peace L’Wren.


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