Barrel Full Of …..

toxic time capsuleI don’t know what 14th century Danish people use to eat  but it can’t be good. When archeologists dug up 700 year old latrines from the an old toilet site in Odense they got a nasty surprise . Floaties. Yep, the poo inside the barrels was still in excellent  condition and stunk to high heaven. After the excrement was analysed they found out two interesting things a) they ate a lot of friggin raspberries and b) they used moss and fabric to wipe their butts.


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8 responses to “Barrel Full Of …..

  1. Lol so nothing’s changed. I think the hippies up here still do too.

  2. Moss and fabric are luxuries Loon,
    I mean have you tried wiping with a
    twig and a prayer? NO? Me neither
    but let’s not blow any raspberries
    over it okay? 😉 lmao xxxx

  3. Well what else would you use back then to wipe your butt

  4. Was the moss double or triple ply?

  5. How could it not have decomposed in 700 years?

  6. I am wondering, this is important, why?

  7. Thank God you aren’t repetitive with your posts Loon. Can only take so many shitty stories.

  8. Mmmm… Raspberry poo. Stinky but sweet

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