Can Anyone Decode Gibberish?

computer woman 2I knew it, I knew it, not all those court stenographers are typing every damn word. Well, not the alcoholic one from Manhattan anywho. The dude was busted for writing ” gibberish” during more than 30 trial cases. His notes included such great repetitious gems as “I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job” or he simply hit random keys which made no sense. Unfortunately several “high profile” cases are now in jeopardy thanks to his drunken ways. Awks.

Psst Surely someone proof reads the transcript after each trial?


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7 responses to “Can Anyone Decode Gibberish?

  1. Not normally. Generally, no transcript is prepared unless 1) a party is filing an appeal, or 2) a party orders one for a particular purpose (other than appeal).

  2. They look like they are in a trance, usually typing with such ease. No correcting and backs spacing like the rest of us and half the amount of keys. Looks like they are just exercising their fingers whilst day dreaming about what the evening will bring.

  3. I bet he belched and farted all through the trials, a dead giveaway really I’m surprised the Judge didn’t hear him? Never mind he can get pissed somewhere else now, like jail for instance 😦 Burp… lol

  4. And how long did they take to find this out?

  5. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay at leest he wuznt typing all wurk and no play mayks jack a dull boy over and over agin becuz no gud ever comes of that!!! ok bye

  6. Pretty funny actually, how did no one figure this out before now. Couldn’t anyone tell he was pissed up?

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