Nursing Home Strippers

naked-manHuh?, What? Why? A Long Island nursing home is getting sued because the son of Bernice (85) discovered they had hired a stripper to entertain the ladies during a party in the rec room. The son hit the roof when he saw a photo of his mom putting some money down the male stripper’s undies.  The suit claims the striptease was done “for the perverse pleasure and enjoyment of the Defendant’s staff.” and that the Baptist living Bernice had been defiled.

Psst I’d be more pissed they were taking money off little old ladies.


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6 responses to “Nursing Home Strippers

  1. I am sure old Bernice had a hoot of a time….me thinks it would put a bit of spark into these elderly folks….Idiot son…I’ts all about money…

  2. Her ignorant son is likely just peeved because he saw is inheritance flying down the front of a strippers g-string.

  3. Oh rubbish, after being in in the position of visiting nursing homes and psych wards I’m with the son and not because of the money or the stripper. When Jan was in the psych ward they had an afternoon when they had a belly dancer gyrating around the old guys knowing that a couple had problem keeping their hands out of their own pants and other people’s mummy’s pants. There is a duty of care that goes along with caring for the elderly with dementia and other ODD complaints. One was always wanking off and this only highlighted his urges. Glad your mum isn’t close to this guy’s room now?

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