Watch and Learn




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10 responses to “Watch and Learn

  1. I love stories like this. He quiety achieved, God love him.

  2. So the dog gets food and the hungry kids get dirty paper in their cup….not sure if I’m learning much here ….

  3. This was truly lovely and exactly what I needed to see this morning.

    • Yes me too Val 🙂
      Hey how about a bit
      of chocolate, I fancy
      a few squares, but
      remember, I am now
      trying to diet so don’t
      be tempting me too
      much or I might eat
      the whole bar 😉 xxxx

  4. Believe in good, I like this one Loon and thank you
    for adding it 🙂 Hey and let’s share a coffee and a doughnut
    while I think on, yes of course I’m buying 🙂 xxxx

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