Start Spreading The News

bald eagle 2The Loon will be reporting from New York and Baltimore next week. I know, my life’s a bitch!


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17 responses to “Start Spreading The News

  1. susi spice

    no fair…, 😦 i wanna go there now 😦

  2. …When at Walmart, no selfies please…..

  3. Good God well whatever you do, do not come home with a yankee accent. It does happen as per Olivia Newton John. SO not cool Loon lol Enjoy the break,

  4. You already know my opinion Loon. Do have fun and be careful.

  5. Have a good trip! Make sure you go to all the Broadway shows, and try all the NY food, and go to all the concerts and games. . .

  6. A goldfish in your room???? Oh no … is that in case you get bored over there. They love the small finishing touches do they not? By the way is Mr. Loon accompanying you on this trip?.

  7. Why does this always post faster when I’m trying to correct things missy moo ? We need to address this Loonie one. Anyway, have a great time with constant posts and updates, emails each day and no naughtiness. Ok Andro she can be naughty.

  8. I was in NYC for a week, years ago, as a chaperone for the local high school (award winning) choir.
    One day we visited the huge hole that used to be the World Trade Center, then shortly after we were at the church where George Washington was inaugurated. The church is right at the WTC site, yet survived.
    The church was full of tourists and the choir was asked to gather at the front and sing the “Star Spangled Banner”.
    I thought was just a big pussy because I teared up a bit, but I looked around and the church pews were full of weeping tourists.

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