Library Closes Toilets

toilet 6Sorry weak bladdered bookworms, the Vermont Library is locking its loos . Reason? Seems druggies are clogging the drains with hypodermic needles and other drug paraphernalia . Sheez, so now where are people suppose to read?


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7 responses to “Library Closes Toilets

  1. well that is one solution. the other might be to simply keep a key behind the desk. people go to such extremes.

  2. Loon don’t tell me you read in the loo? That would have to be one of the most disgusting habits lol. .My brother in law used to have a little shelf with a few mags. Ewh…no… that’s sooo wrong! I couldn’t even touch them.

    • ??? What are you saying Celtic One? The LOO is for reading, meditating and thinking. It is the most relaxing little room one could possibly spent time in….Some of the Worlds greatest inventions where thought up in the LOO.
      PS: Hey Loon, when you’re in New York don’t take your pillow and blanket into the REST ROOM as Yanks only shit in these places….just thought I tell you…. and also don’t ask for TOILET as these good folks don’t understand what that is. You can however ask for the BATH ROOM but don’t expect to find a tub in there and don’t wash your face in the BIDET. …just trying to help here….enjoy your ANZAC day….

      • Ewh Mega!! imagine all the bacteria the books would gather in that tiny space? Ok where do you put the book when you are wiping your butt? Don’t answer I really don’t want to know. The scenario my mind conjures up is quite enough. Don’t ask for a white tea either Loon. They have NOOOOO idea. In OZ when you order tea they as if you’d prefer it white or black. In the States all we got were “Vacant Stares”.

  3. Oh celticqueen you would never make a good pathologist…l..germs dont fly around the toilet infact the dunny seat is cleaner than the kitchen is the lesson…wiping with paper just spreads the goods…if we where civilised we would save the trees and wipe with the hand and than wash the butt and hand as they do in most parts of the world….yanks invented toilet paper….why am I not surprised….

  4. No but we drop our daks, get comfy, pick up the paper after we are comfy. Read paper while we are taking a dump. Put paper down to wipe your butt. Probably flush toilet with bacteria on hand. Pull up daks then pick up paper and put it back in your rack or whatever so tell me how it’s possible for your loo to be sterile after all of that effort. I’d be interested to know about germ free loos lol. No way! Then I come along and need to use your loo Mega and find that a bit of light reading is the norm at your joint so now are you getting the picture?? Helicobactor Pylori for sure. Also in the 14th Century it was the Chinese who first manufactured rolls of toilet paper. The yanks were the first to package it but the Chinese got first. Before the Chinese the Romans used sponges on a stick and kept it soaking in salt water. Before that they used rocks clay or corncobs. Ouch! So tomorrow morning when you are using your four ply take a moment to thank the Chinese.

  5. Maybe they weren’t druggos either, they may have had a lot of bookworm diabetics & they carelessly failed to dispose of their insulin syringes thoughtfully.

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