Worst Ice Cream Flavor EVER

OK, this is either going to the biggest hit or an epic fail . Häagen-Dazs Japan is about to release vegetable ice cream. Yes, it is true. The first flavours will be Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange. Hmm, sounds  like when they released frozen yoghurt and everyone thought it was good for them because it was “non fat”. I wonder if they will have Brussel Sprouts and Boysenberry?


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4 responses to “Worst Ice Cream Flavor EVER

  1. One of their stores opened up at Highpoint near where I used to live. Every time I went to buy one I almost had to beg for their “Waffle Cone”. They always used to grab the other plain and boring cone and start to prepare my ice cream. I don’t know whether they thought I was just poor or what, but there was no real customer service. I.e madam which cone would you like or how many flavours? I often wondered how they survived with that kind of mentality. Never was it ever served in a small container like Seinfeld had.

  2. Kinda’ takes the fun out of ice cream, huh?
    What’s next?
    Sandpaper condoms?

  3. I’ll wait for sardine ice cream.

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