And Don’t Mention The War

angry manA German couple (eye roll) tried to sue for a refund on their Turkish holiday because it was ruined, thanks to the calls to prayer from a nearby mosque. Seems the couple weren’t impressed with the 6am loudspeaker calling worshippers to prayer, nor it being repeated an additional 4 times during the day. They also bitched in their claim that one of the armrests were missing on their flight home plus it was damn turbulent. Needless to say the case was thrown out after the judge reminded them “The call to prayer is customary in Turkey and is comparable with church bells in a Christian country,”  oh and no one can predict flight weather. Boom!



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6 responses to “And Don’t Mention The War

  1. Was the judge a muslim? Christians aren’t called to prayer that many time a day either. Why would you go there if you knew this might happen?? Should have gone to Poland or Austria , much quieter there.

  2. Exotic Turkey..I would love to have been there…without the mosque call, it wouldn’t be Turkey….Some people are idiots and don’t deserve to leave their hovel…these German twats are just that…stay home if you can’t cope with cultural differences.

  3. Germans usually are very good travellers. Australia is their favourite place to be. They love our laid back no fuss way of life.. I won’t say culture. No calls to prayer for Aussies, nope, we get to stay in bed till whenever we want. During the day we work and no time for praying. Do it at your desk if you must , in fact I heard many Christians praying at they desk. I heard “Jesus” all day long.

  4. But it does look like they didn’t mention the war, that’s gotta go in their favour

  5. I mentioned the war once & it didn’t go well. Back in my blogging days before I started cartooning I was reading an American’s blog post once (this person was a regular visitor to my blog too) about a trip they did to Hawaii & there was some photos & a write up about their visit to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour. The blogger said how there was a real sense of feeling the tragedy of what happened there & all the lives that were lost. I left a comment & said that while I was in the Navy I never got to go to Hawaii but while visiting Japan I got to go on a tour to Nagasaki & visited the Peace Park & Museum that was there. I said how it had a similar feeling knowing how many people died in the atomic bombing. Nothing malicious or having a shot at the USA was intended but that particular blogger never visited my site again after that or replied to any further comments I left on their blog.
    Lesson Learned:Never mention the war

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