Insurance Company Says NO

Inot’s bad enough when a corpse explodes in the apartment above yours, but what a nightmare when your insurance agency refuses to cover the damage made to your ceiling..Reason? Hello, we don’t cover for exploding bodies.

Psst Florida


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World

6 responses to “Insurance Company Says NO

  1. Insurance companies only cover their pocket not the insured…now let me check my policy if it covers exploding corpses….or flood or cyclone or other acts of nature or war or……geee why is anybody insured?

  2. Your insurance doesn’t cover whatever you’ve made a claim for. It says that right in the fine print.

  3. New age decorating, exploding body art

  4. Sounds like they have to call in either the Fringe Division or Mulder and Sculley. Depends which timeline this happened in.

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