A woman died in a head-on after posting to Facebook (while driving)  “The happy song makes me HAPPY”.


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9 responses to “Ironic

  1. Friggin Facebook and all the deadbeat users of it….ban mobile phones, facebook, twitter and all the other garbage on line…hang on the traffic lights are changing….gotto go….

  2. I wonder if she’s REALLY happy now ?

  3. There is a big push, lots of advertising dollars, right now about texting and driving (stop doing it). Maybe she could be the new poster girl. What a cretin.

  4. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm wel i gess this disproovs the song by the faymus minstrel sheryl crow in wich she sez if it mayks yoo happy it cant be that bad!!! ok bye

  5. Well that’s the worst kind of irony!

  6. When will they ever learn???
    Hey, maybe that’s it. She just graduated from Learn the Hard Way Class

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