Loon Is In The Lounge

Ok for 18 hours I will be in the air. Sydney-LA- NYC . So behave loons while I am flapping around. Currently lounging in the Qantas lounge ….



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9 responses to “Loon Is In The Lounge

  1. Where’s the chocolate?? Are they holding out on you?

  2. Yeah, party time ! 😆

    anyone know where loon hid the booze?

  3. I always behave you know that 😉 xxxx

  4. celticqueen1

    Muffins with that drink???? What”s wrong with ya, get stuck into the real stuff. Ya woos!

  5. celticqueen1

    You’ve been in two airports already and I can’t believe you haven’t seen something amusing that would tickle our fancy, know what I mean? Just because you are from W ait A while doesn’t mean were are going to.

  6. Hopefully you upgraded to make yourself comfortable in the air. Good travels

  7. Hey stop!!!..
    Come back!!!
    You’re supposed to holiday in Tasmania!!! We need your tourist dollars.
    And why aren’t you drinking Boags or Cascade???

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