Lovin It

Burger King in Japan has just introduced a SPAM and cheese burger which comes on a whole wheat bun with pickles and mayo. Hmm?


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5 responses to “Lovin It

  1. With chocolate, too? I’m going to Japan!

  2. iS THAT IT???? FOOD??? Is that all we are getting? Oh by the way do you know of John Lethlean, the food and Wine critic who once worked for The Age, The Australian and with me at Text Publishing? Firstly he’s a journo and secondly a critique well guess where he’s living? Just around the corner from me in Hepburn Springs. I bet there will be a few of the local culinary experts shaking in their boots as he does scathing reviews. They are he best, most articulate, most amusing well written reviews you are ever likely to read. Google his interview with Lib Gore. Thank God I don’t have a restaurant lolol.

  3. Try a Spambo-Wambo-Burger next, it is a delicacy of the Wombie clan but I just know that you will enjoy every morsel of it, oh and save some for me too Loon or else? šŸ˜‰ lol xxxx

  4. I don’t know, that is just disturbing

  5. Well we eat Sushi Loon why don’t they get to enjoy our culinary delights ? I wonder who thought this one up…ewh!

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