Washington DC

Why aren’t the lawns mowed?


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15 responses to “Washington DC

  1. They’re waiting for you to mow them.

  2. The country is broke……only the reserve bank is rich (privately owned) go figure….. and no the RBA is not going to cut the lawn…..Did that explain your query Loon. Enjoy your 3rd World travels…

  3. That’s your new calling Loon 😉 lol xxxx

  4. We like the grass longer? Could this be it.

  5. We are just too spoilt here Loon. Everything well manicured and clean. You’ll be glad to be back lololol. Every time I go overseas I kiss the tarmac at Tullamarine when I get back . There is definitely no place like Australia even though I’m still on a British passport. You really do need to see what’s out there to appreciate what we have here.

  6. I know, bottomless cups of diarrhea inducing crap. My daughter and I couldn’t work out what was causing it, but THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. susi spice

    Hahaha u should’ve taken a selfie with ur DC weeds and instagramed it to Obama

  8. No Cows obviously? 😦 lol

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