Portland Police Under Review

naked-womanDon’t mess with Portland police, missy. A 9 year old was handcuffed, taken into custody,  fingerprinted and mugshotted while still dressed in her wet bathing suit after getting into a catfight a week earlier. The girl was at home with her parent when the cops came a knocking. She was charged with assault, after allegedly smashing another girl’s head into a wall. The charges were later dropped but her mother brought up the incident to the police review panel.

Want sauce with that?


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3 responses to “Portland Police Under Review

  1. Oh good grief, it is simply idiotic what they are doing these days. Really? The police arrested a 9 year old, fools.

  2. Smashing someone’s head into a wall not matter what age is not ok. I’d call the cops too. What a bully, the cops will sort out the appropriate action for juveniles. Maybe after this little incident she won’t do it again. The other party could suffer a brain injury. Nine, nineteen or twenty nine, better deal with her severely at this age. She could be a nightmare in another ten years. This snowflake needs a good dose of tough love.

  3. That’s just crazy, obviously the
    cops like embarrassing kid’s 😦 Not good…

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