Bald Empathy

bowling ball 2A restaurant in Tokyo is offering discounts to bald guys. Seems they pity “hard-working fathers losing their hair” due to job stress. Evidently, the balder you are the bigger the discount. Hmm, how about the poor “hard working mothers who have to put up with stressed out bald hubbies?”


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6 responses to “Bald Empathy

  1. OK… the wig is in the bin…I’m of to a Tokyo food fest…love that sushi.

  2. susi spice

    What about the hard working bald mother’s… Haha

  3. There are so many reasons for this to be a bad idea. How do they know the bald is natural?

  4. It will be the perfect protest against this kind of treatment.

  5. I bet those hair trimmers sales are booming 🙂 lol

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