Sleep With One Eye Open and a Stake

draculaGuess what loons? Bram Stoker’s castle in Romania is up for sale. Yep, the ultimate sleep with one eye open and a stake house. The elderly owners are kinda sick of looking for somewhere to pee as the castle has 57 rooms but no bathroom. Awks. The price is a mere $135 million, but the down side is you will have to live in Romania and put up with people doing stupid dracula accents. The owners are hoping the new owners will make it into a hotel. Boo!!!


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13 responses to “Sleep With One Eye Open and a Stake

  1. Maybe if we all chip in we could buy it.

  2. Bran Castle is awesome….nestled in the town of Bran, one can free walk through the castle as it is a museum without guide… A hotel? Hmm… No….backpackers hangout? He’ll yeah…I loved the place so much, I hung a picture of the castle above my bed…sweet dreams y’all…wish I had the money…..

  3. I have the perfect solution. Make Daniel Sterling live there. He’ll be happy because everybody is white and everybody else will be happy because Romania!

  4. Draining your vein takes on another meaning in that place.

  5. Checking out the real estate recently I had a looksie inside to see if there was a potty under Dracula bed….No luck there…Maybe a good thing…

  6. I want it, how much was it again Loon? 😉 lmao xxxx

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