Haunted Doll



Oh for crying out loud, you don’t go and put a haunted doll on eBay UK. What the hell will happen if it finds out? From the numerous horror stories I’ve seen, that doll is gonna haunt you for eternity no matter what you do to rid yourself of its evil. Sorry sunshine. The owner, who claims the damn thing is possessed, has numerous scratches and one very tired eye from his encounters with the evil little thing. The starting price on eBay was 5 pounds but some fool has purchased it for 200. Never you mind that doll won’t be gone for long…. just saying.


Filed under Friggin Dolls, Friggin Scary

6 responses to “Haunted Doll

  1. Well either that or it will looooove its new owner so much it will hang there and haunt till it is sold again. You know, ‘a haunting we will go’

  2. I guess some of us just don’t know the proper procedure for disposing of a haunted doll.

  3. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay giv the doll to me i wil tayk kare of it!!! ha ha ha ok bye

  4. Wow a Spooky posting Loon 🙂 xxxx

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