Contested Waters And The Missing Malaysian Airline

sherlock 2China and Vietnam are currently involved in a serious dispute over  contested South China Sea waters which Washington fears may escalate into full out war. Now call me crazy, but didn’t the Mayalsian Airlines disappear immediately after  flying into Vietnamese airspace? I certainly hope the plane was not shot down by the Vietnamese and this on going search is just a ruse to avoid an international incident and another potential war.  I still harp back to that oil rig guy who saw an explosion in the air around the time the plane went missing.


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4 responses to “Contested Waters And The Missing Malaysian Airline

  1. I hear what you’re saying but I’m still hoping hijack! I have to agree that’s looking a little too far fetched after all the time that has gone by.

  2. Terrible thought Loon. I hope you are wrong.

  3. I thought it might have been shot down long ago, after having suffered some sort of depressurization which left the crew incapacitated.

  4. There’s trigger happy dudes
    everywhere these days Loon,
    I hope the airliner was not a
    statistic of assholes with either
    rocket launchers and artillery 😦

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