Emergency Pizza Delivery

dumbassOK, here’s the thing volunteer Rescue Squad dude, you can’t… and I repeat can’t …. whack emergency lights on your car for your own purposes. Hmm, like to deliver pizzas for Pizza Hut. Yep, he did. Seems it is a great way to get your orders done faster, plus customers get smoking hot pizzas, win/win. Unfortunately the cops didn’t see the potential. That’s a unlawful use of an emergency signal and reckless driving charge right there.

Psst Oh come on, give him a break, at least he was wearing his Rock Hill Rescue Squad t-shirt at the time!


Filed under They Live Among Us !, Whoops!

6 responses to “Emergency Pizza Delivery

  1. I personally think they should give the guy an award for thinking outside of the box!

  2. What if I use a green flashing light?

  3. I see nothing wrong with his actions.

  4. Yep nobody wants cold soggy pizza

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