Dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights

ear pickerRemember Joe the Plumber, the dude who stood against Obama in the 2008 Presidential race? Yeah him. Well, he’s just penned a letter to the families of victims of this week’s shooting saying “As harsh as this sounds — your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights,” I know, I know, I said I was going to avoid the whole US gun law debate but that is just nuts! These people interpret the constitution the way some people interpret religious writings. My human rights trumps your Constitutional rights any day, sunshine!!!


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6 responses to “Dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights

  1. Loon I love the fact that in Australia we don’t feel that need to keeps guns in the house. I love the fact that Aussies will tell you exactly what they think of you without getting your head blown off . I love the fact that we don’t dwell on things and move on quickly from situations that others kills for. I have travelled to the States and spent 6 weeks travelling around and loved the place. I found Yanks to be nice but loud!!!!! All about them!!! It makes me appreciated the bush, the wildlife the Australian way of life and most of all our “she’ll be right mate ” attitude. At worst our farmers keep guns to shoot the fox that worry his sheep. Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi. As our old politician Paul Keating once said ” we are the arse end of the world”. Thank God for that. It’s a great buffer zone really.

    • Hell yeah, first thing they do is reach for a gun 😯 and then ask questions later.

      I think we should change our constitution to the “Right To Bare Arms” even if you have tuckshop lady arms 🙂

      • Hmm I don’t even like to “bare arms” especially BIG arms. You don’t show what’s not nice now do you? Still I wouldn’t shoot you for it. I do like however that some bigger women don’t give a damn what other people think of their big arms, big butts and their graffiti. I just feel more comfortable dressing modestly. I guess it’s what ever floats your boat no matter how big and colourful you are. Maybe we are more judgemental as some of our girls are just BLONDE AUSSIE BABES.

  2. susi spice

    can we please send this guy to syria use him as a human shield??

  3. Karl

    He, can think what he wants, vote how he wants, talk to his friends how he wants. To send a message about his views to the families is just wrong. He should be ostracized and not spoken of again.

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