52 Years of Shit

ambulance-2I don’t know what really happened but I am guessing Christmas is going to be awkward. A woman, celebrating her 52nd birthday, had enough of her wheelchair bound mother so she tipped her to the curb…and by tipped, I mean pushed the wheelchair off the curb sending mommy head first into the concrete.When questioned the woman said she did it because of “52 years of shit”. The woman also struck her sister in the face with a camera.

Want sauce with that?



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6 responses to “52 Years of Shit

  1. Loon I think the names in this story have been changed. This could me my mum and I. She sucks the joy out of your day with her “it’s all about me shit” and the older they get the worse they get. My dad left her 40 years ago and she’s still going on about it. Sound familiar lolol? At least he got out of it. I can only add that I I hope she didn’t break her camera. The sad part is she will probably go to jail fro this . Why didn’t she just leave her out in the rain and say “SHE FORGOT”

    • I actually thought of you when I saw this story. Lucky your mum isn’t in a wheelchair …. she isn’t is she?

      • Bearman’s right but she uses one of those scooters that she won’t even let us have a go in. She says it’s not insured for us lololol. She’s a bit of a Chameleon, one say she can shuffle next day she can’t We’ve all driven all our lives and she now thinks she owns the road in this “TOY”. She told me that that trucks don ‘t like to give way to her lolol. I told her to go ahead and show them who’s the boss.

  2. Pavement is thicker than blood.

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