You Don’t Know What you Got Til It’s Gone

colombus-obeliskSome of you may not know this but the Loon also has a public art website (a very big public art website) . I do a lot of research finding interesting , bizarre and crazy facts about statues and sculptures. Anywho, I thought this was hilarious so I thought I would share it. While I was in Baltimore I discovered that the city is the proud owner of  the world’s first  ever monument  dedicated to explorer Christopher Colombus, an obelisk erected in 1792. The funny thing  is the monument has pretty much been ignored because everyone thought it was built in honor of a horse named Christopher Colombus. At one stage they built a Sears Roebucks carpark around it, now it stands amongst some trees in a little park.

Psst Seriously, shouldn’t it be in the Smithsonian?



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11 responses to “You Don’t Know What you Got Til It’s Gone

  1. You’d think but there again Loon where did you say it was?

  2. You have a public art website??

  3. Well she is a dark Loon isn’t she..and are we ever going to be privy to this particular site?

  4. How come I have never heard of your 2nd website? Hmm… No more of my wine gums and chocolates until you send me an invite… Wow Loon you have kept that one quiet 😦

    I hope that we are all going to be treated to something from your TOP SECRET (as Binky said) website VERY SOON, or else? 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx

  5. Great posting by the way…

    Andro xxxx

  6. Sheez guys , I guess no one looks on the blogroll. 🙂

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