Thanks Son

A guy is stranded in South Korea after his 4 year old son took to his passport with a black felt tip pen and doodled all over his face. Oh and he drew a few animals and stuff. Wanna see?

passport fail


Filed under Friggin Hilarious

9 responses to “Thanks Son

  1. Are those laminated? Can’t you erase with some rubbing alcohol? haha

  2. I think he’s very artistic !

  3. IS that a wombat on the bottom there?

  4. susi spice

    I think he doesn’t like his dad I can see a horn sticking out of the dad’s forehead.. Or could be worse…

  5. I think he probably grew a
    beard after this artwork 🙂 lol

  6. I heard last night its’ a hoax lol and the kid didn’t draw it at all .I thought the hair looked too good to be true but Picasso also had to start somewhere.

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