Charity Doesn’t Necessary Start At Home

NOA Seattle woman, who had just finished shift work, was so peeved that runners had woken her up she went to her 5th floor apartment window and threw a frozen chicken breast, a trash bag, cat poop, kitty litter and a sports drink at them . She must have been a good shot because she managed to hit a teen with the frozen chicken breast and a man with the sports drink. The victims were all running for a cancer fundraiser .

Psst No word on if anyone got showered with the kitty litter or poop.


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3 responses to “Charity Doesn’t Necessary Start At Home

  1. Dear God….. do they ever stop?

  2. No good deed will go unpunished.

  3. Some peeps just can’t stand anyone
    running for charity these days… Shame on them šŸ˜¦

    Poop Scoop Action Whatever Next? lol

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