Stunned Audience Too Creeped To Clap

What this marketer (really an actress) revealed to the audience left them too stunned to even clap . Frightening and funny.


Filed under They Live Among Us !, Well I Never

5 responses to “Stunned Audience Too Creeped To Clap

  1. Screw them all …no clap from me here…

  2. Interesting how they con us isn’t it

  3. alrighty then, we are conned. Don’t we know this though? All she has done is tell us.

  4. What a bitch…
    Is she going to get
    out of this seminar alive
    is what I am thinking?
    Sadist Video making
    whatever next? šŸ˜¦

  5. I thought it was obvious she was an actress (or fake) from early on…

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