Catfish Fail

computer woman 2You know what I hate? When you set up a fake Facebook profile to prank your niece and she asks you to bump off her aunt (you). I really friggin hate that.The aunt pretended to be a man called Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis because she was peeved that her niece spent so much time on Facebook and was inviting randoms to the house they shared. After the niece friended ‘Topdog’ she asked him to kill her aunt, the aunt’s fiance and their dog, giving details on how to get into the house. Unfriend, unfriend, unfriend. The niece is currently waiting for someone to post bail. Good luck with that!


Filed under Friggin Scary

8 responses to “Catfish Fail

  1. That was a bit of an Auntie climax Loon 🙂 lmao xxxx

  2. Well I can understand her reasons if the aunt was a pain

  3. Well at least she doesn’t have to live with her aunt anymore.

  4. She’ll have lots of new friends where she’s going so win win for the niece lol. Psycho kid!

  5. Nieces are supposed to be nice!

  6. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay evrybuddy nos tre ‘topdog’ ellis is the false naym wot the cia yoozes on faysebuk!!! sheesh how dum cud that neese be??? ok bye

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