Good Morning Wangki Yupurnanupurru

LaughA group of indigenous kids broke into a radio station and put themselves live on air.LOL. Seems their little late night broadcast didn’t go down too well with the people listening, as their show was basically full of swearing. The station manager had previously given the kids a lesson in how to operate the studio, something they obviously didn’t forget. The kids aged between 8-14 broke into the house next to the station dyed their hair red (having found the hair dye) and cooked some chicken nuggets (having found the fridge) before hitting the airwaves. It wasn’t long before the police came a knocking at the Wangki Yupurnanupurru community radio station to end the broadcast. Despite breaching every broadcasting law under the sun, the manager decided not to lay charges. Now that’s funny.


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5 responses to “Good Morning Wangki Yupurnanupurru

  1. Bloody Aboriginals get away with murder lolol

    • Very harsh comment CQ1. It wasn’t quite murder. Little buggers had a ball without doing any damage or intend of malice. The house next door was probably cousin or aunt’s place. Kind of funny….I can just imagine the funny drama scene at the community as I have just come back from there….. DON’T DO IT AGAIN…RIGHT?. If I catch you again i’ll kick your black asses from here to Halls Creek and back…you should be shame you mob. That’s how it would have played of in the community…lol

      • Then you would have realized there is one law for them and one for us. They get away with it and next time they expand their horizons. But you are right Mega” them white fella are piss weak” lolol. We are struggling with the Sudanese acting exactly the same way in Melbourne and it’s not amusing.

      • Damn right Queenly one….their law and our law….what don’t we understand here….white fella very dumb….Australian Aboriginal law was here 70,000 years ago…our law came here with the English convicts 250 years ago….and oh did that screw up….Our law is genociding the entire Aboriginal race. The oldest surviving race of people on this Earth. Where is respect gone…. what ass hole pigs we are…too dumb and arrogant… we can’t even run our own shit properly. Prior to English grand theft of the continent, Aboriginal law worked perfectly well. It was respected and abided by all Aboriginals in more than 500 countries that made up the Australian continent. We can’t even grasp that concept…

  2. High on chicken nuggets and hair dye

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