Bye Bye Iraq

samuraiRemember Judge Rauf Rashid? He’s the man who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death. Yeah well, seems the ISIS terrorists have long memories because they captured the judge and executed him.

Is anyone as concerned about this as me? I would like to know why no one is questioning who supplied ISIS with all their weapons? Someone friggin is, because they don’t have the know how. All the world leaders are umming and aahing but they all  know damn well that the rise of the ISIS would not be possible (especially this fast and effective) without the help of a wealthy country or countries.

I suspect they are wanting this to implode.



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9 responses to “Bye Bye Iraq

  1. The gulf war made $40 billion for Halliburton….crony company owned by George Bushes little brother….a company that had no experience in the oil and gas industries pre the war. What don’t we understand here
    ..war makes money for the very rich…yes…feed the enemies with weapons and watch it all implode…making more money…all at the cost of millions of human lives…sick bastard pigs all round…the big picture or plan will never be printed in a newspaper or reported on TV.

  2. Wars are necessary as they insure that US corporate citizens can maintain their profits so it isn’t difficult to figure out that one. And as US citizens may be incarcerated for crimes committed abroad, it will be a sight to see when such ‘citizens’ are finally dealt that hand.

  3. Yes just need to look at the truth behind it all. $$$ The US government just loves to play World Police & our stupid government follows them like a little puppy wanting a treat.

  4. Jan and I figured that they should have left Saddam alone as he was the only one who really had any control over the shit that goes on over there. He knew how to deal with the other dictators. The world would be a better place today if we had. Iraqis are a lot worse off than they ever were. America needs to mind it’s own business as we don’t want to be fighting along side you every time you crack the sads. Enough already!

  5. susi spice

    Ur all so quick to assume it is the US.. What if it was Russia? They went after Cremea recently to get control of the precious pipeline (oil and gas) there.

    I know chances are it was, but it doesn’t act alone!

    I’ve often wondered how I can make money from war… I need to pay off my mortgage lol

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