Are You Sure She’s Dead?

open-eyesOh for heavens sake. Seems a few people in Italy have been spooked by a mummified child  whose eyes keep blinking during the course of the day. The little girl , Rosalia Lombardo, who died over 90 years ago was among  8,000 bodies preserved in catacombs beneath a convent in Palermo, Sicily.  The girl, who is currently on display in the catatombs, has scared the bejezzus out of several visitors who have seen her open her eyes. Curators say it is just a trick of light. Hello, it’s Italy so that’s a pilgrim right there.


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10 responses to “Are You Sure She’s Dead?

  1. OMG… my hands just started bleeding…wink wink…

  2. Hey Jesus & Mary just appeared on my toast

  3. Interestingly, it does look as if the eyes changed.

  4. My mother in law’s eyes were twitching at her viewing, I swear to God! I said this to her daughter and she said that she saw her hands move. I told her they were trying to get to her throat for being such a terrible daughter.

  5. She was a horrible daughter! She called her mum one night and asked if she could bring the kids over as she had to go out. Her mum said she would but she asked her to stop at the shop and get some sliced bread as being “A WOG’ and only eating Atlantic Rye knew the kids didn’t like it, so best to bring a loaf too. My God she asked her for the money for the bread which was in fact for her own kids. I will never forget the look on MIL’s face. It gets worse Loon. MIL only had $3.00 instead of $3.20 and her daughter asked her fro the 20c the net time she came. Can you believe that????? Yep those hand were going for the throat !

  6. Gray Dawster

    On display? That’s awful the poor child should
    be laid to rest not gawped at by everyone, that’s
    just sad and crazy that is…

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