Stick Figure Family Stickers Are On the Move

stick-figure-familyBwahahaha America, they are coming and nothing can stop them. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Yep, get ready for the conga line of stick figures about to be unleashed on car windows everywhere. The My Stick Family stickers are about to hit cars all around the States. The Australian invention has already created quite the angst among car drivers. Who friggin cares how many kids you got…and don’t get me started on the conga line of pets. Family cars all over Australia have been displaying these stupid stickers.  The attraction to this ridiculous fad is , you can buy each stick figure sticker individually to make up your own unique family and then you have the fun task of plastering them along the back window of your car for everyone to see.


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5 responses to “Stick Figure Family Stickers Are On the Move

  1. People don’t need a stick family…they need a life….

  2. Where are the stick Wombies?

  3. Stick around Loon 😉 lol xxxx

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