The Power Of Virginity

Yeah, OK

Yeah, OK

Adokiye Kyrian, a Nigerian singer, has offered her virginity to Boko Haram in exchange for the 220 kidnapped school girls. Hmm, yeah, that should work. Lady, that militant is gonna think you’re a slut and cut you into tiny pieces…just saying. Oh but wait, isn’t that the same Adokiye who offered her virginity to any man who could buy a jet for her mom a few months ago? Sheez, what a bargaining chip she has !


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7 responses to “The Power Of Virginity

  1. May I just ask what she needed the jet for, mile high club?

  2. The likes of Adokiye Kyrian give woman a crap name….don’t know what effect Boko Haram has on men though…I say go bonk each others cranium slime out and just let these poor girls go home.

  3. susi spice

    That’s stupid.. A jet? If she can’t friggin afford to put food on her table and felt the need to sell her “virginity” how she gonna keep the jet going? Idiot… She has two virginities.. One in the front and one in the back.. She’s out of virginities to sell.. Sounds like she’s gonna have to become a second hand dealer

  4. Another plan jettisoned…

    Oh was that a joke? Oop’s
    Hey Loon are you having
    a fun weekend so far? 🙂

  5. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay this sort of beehayvyor is kompleetly unakseptabul and unjustified!!! if boko haram is unhappy over not having had a chart hit sinse like 1975 then wot they need to do is git in the stoodyo and reekord an album wot peepul want to lissen to!!! this resorting to threts and kidnapping is just — wot??? oh dada sez i am thinking of the sixties band procol haram hmmm hay procol haram i think yoo shud soo theez guys for steeling yore naym!!! ok bye

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