Anyone Want A Rolf Harris Painting Going Cheap?

Well tie me kangaroo down sport

Well tie me kangaroo down sport

With the guilty verdict in for Australian entertainer and painter Rolf Harris, on child sex offences (12 accounts), there will be a mass exodus of his paintings being taken off walls in Australia and England today. People who purchased his work as an investment will be shaking their collective heads. Buckingham palace will no doubt be chucking his portait of the Queen in the royal closet….oh wait… it seems to have already gone missing, according to the Daily Mail, in a discreet pass the Harris painting game.The 84 year old is now looking down the barrel of a 24 year stint behind bars while eBay is preparing for an influx of oil paintings.


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4 responses to “Anyone Want A Rolf Harris Painting Going Cheap?

  1. I’m bidding on the Queen one as we speak…

  2. The more sinister and notorious you are the higher the bidding will be. Go for for it Mega!

  3. I used to really like Rolf back in the days when he was on Aussie TV.
    Shame Rolf, shame shame, shame…

  4. Last night I was speaking to my brother who is a criminal lawyer and we were wagering on the sentence . I said minimum of 10 and he said minimum of 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His saving grace was his age. That’s why it’s so low. WTF message does that send to old perverts. He’s got off with this all his life. Shark shit mate that’s what you are . Someone posted on my facebook the other day his picture with the caption “See ya later alligator, in a while pedophile “. You’re gonna get a whole lot of loving where you are going.

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