Careful What You Wish For

Would you be a dear and post my mugshot on Facebook

Would you be a dear and post my mug shot on Facebook

When I first heard that the Handsome Mugshot Guy was going to get a modelling contract after his police mug shot went viral I was kind of annoyed or as Los Angeles criminal defence lawyer Darren Kavinoky put it “This is a clear sign of the impending apocalypse,”. Just because he was good-looking dude shouldn’t suddenly mean the 11 charges he is facing, including illegal gun possession become “no biggie”. Too bad for all the fugly lawbreakers out there. Anywho, after thinking about it for a while I changed my view. Give this sucker a chance, let him have the opportunity to redeem himself and lets see how much he is going to pay back society. Oh, that’s if he beats his impending rap which could see him facing a long prison sentence … and where pretty boys are even more popular .


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6 responses to “Careful What You Wish For

  1. Anonymous

    Oh…I think I just broke the law in Los Angeles.

  2. Always careful what I wish for but sometimes things just sneak right up on you 😉

  3. Throw the book at him. Don’t let pretty boy set a precedence so ugly petty offenders such as litterbugs & jay walkers are unjustly given harsh sentences to balance out the pretty boys getting off with 2 weeks community service for murder, armed robbery & such like
    JUSTICE for us ugly errr… the ugly

  4. susi spice

    It’s sad but funny…

    His wife must be seething yet optimistic. She was already hating the fact his mug shot went viral. Now he will be hob nabbing with some sexy Bitches.. Er I mean.. Ladies..and he will probably leave her. Which is bad. But he will be making some money so that means possible child support payments and alimony coming her way from her baby daddy..

  5. Sentencing should be based on appearance.

  6. He should do ads for Adult Diapers cuz his bunghole is going to be widened a bit in prison looking that cute he may need them.

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