Epic Telco Fail

Cell phoneAustralian phone company Telstra scared the beegezus out of its mobile phone customers by sending them a text warning on how to reduce exposure to electromagnetic energy .OMG, no!!! Some people freaked. No one wants to think the phone in their pocket is nuking their ….oh never mind. The text contained a link which sent customers to a World Health Organisation tips page about how to “reduce mobile phone exposure”. Hmm, if I was a suspicious Loon, I would be thinking they know something and are covering their asses before the electromagnetic energy hits the fan!!!


Filed under Friggin Scary

2 responses to “Epic Telco Fail

  1. Your phone is completely harmless as long as you keep it 3 feet away from your body.

  2. I smell a conspiracy. I bet all phones were sent to earth by & are all controlled by aliens

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