Western Bling

omega_watchOh for goodness sakes Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, you megalomaniac you. What’s up with this whole friggin I am Caliph Ibrahim and “you must follow me” crap. Really? How is anyone going to be taking you seriously with a $6,500 Omega watch wrapped around your wrist? Sheez, just another fanatical despot that has a love of Western bling! Did I hear the words “hypocrite”  muttered amongst your followers?


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7 responses to “Western Bling

  1. lololol Friggin Baghdadi. The names crack me up alone lololol. By the way Loon check your emails tonight lololol…….. Hmm…..lolol

  2. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Caliph Ibrahim) is a sociopath with a driven need for power….This f#@ker makes me want to vomit. Another embarrassment for the Islamic faith. Who makes these idiots? Allah? Dumb and brainwashed living in hope…or… hopelessness… Bless….

    • susi spice

      Yeh but mega it’s not just him. It’s that overwhelming amount of people who have supported his crusade and the many more joining his movement from all over the world even from Australia, and then those people will be returning here bringing with them that poison and spreading it. We already have them here that’s why so many aussie born Muslim men including converts have gone over there to fight for his ideal.

    • Wooh go Mega you are I a fukcer of a mood today. I think I have to visit WA. Just don’t hold back lolololol

  3. Same story as always, just with different players.

  4. Keep Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s sociopathic followers outta Tasmania!!!

  5. I noticed that too–particularly that the ISIS maniacs were all wearing athletic shoes.

    ISIS may claim to be Muslim in its beliefs; but it’s definitely not Muslim in it’s actions.

    Like Al Qaida, ISIS is simply a terrorist organization that claims to represent Islam to give it legitimacy; but true Muslims know the truth about it.

    If I believed in a devil, I’d say ISIS is among the gangs of the Devil incarnate.

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