What Were You Thinking

Facebook and Google have been boasting for a long time how they gather all your info, analyse it  and then place advertising that is relevant to your personal wants and needs everywhere you go. Well let me tell you sunshine, it ain’t working.  This ad keeps appearing on my Facebook page … seriously? $5-12 dresses bwhahahahahahaha ….but if you buy friggin 14 of them you get 10% off.  I’m not sure they are getting their algorithms right!!! I have been scratching my head wondering what websites I have been on that would activate this  …..



Filed under Friggin Hilarious

7 responses to “What Were You Thinking

  1. Yes well…I agree Loon…the algorithms are screw balled….I can’t show you the pics of the adverts they are sending me….surely they got the wrong guy here?

  2. I keep getting ads asking me to become “an addiction counselor” and I think, “It’s like you never even met me.”

  3. methinks you protest too much, loon – don’t worry, your secrets safe with us 😆

  4. That’s why I use Adblock Plus on my browser. Suck eggs Facebook!!!
    The only downside is that I miss out on the cheap dress bargains

  5. I wonder what Claudius has been searching for?

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