Tell It Like It Is

trailer peopleI’m guessing the moral compass for a Missouri man kinda went south after he told police he shot his wife because he was “tired of her”. Awks. Fortunately the wife survived … unfortunately, he’ll be facing her wrath when he gets out of the slammer!


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6 responses to “Tell It Like It Is

  1. Maybe she was a nagger. Or he was just a gun crazy s.o.b.

  2. Or she ironed his socks & jocks…

  3. Could have took a vacation.

  4. Yeah well you know, bullets are far cheaper than divorce and maybe he was standing his ground.

  5. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay ummmm i am a littel puzzeld by the approatch the defense is tayking but okay gud luck with that missouri guy!!! ok bye

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