Who Needs Hotels in China

sleepingEver been to an IKEA store? It’s a nightmare, right? Forced to weave through the maze of furniture displays and people… so many people. Yet the nightmare doesn’t finish there. Once you have found your perfect piece of furniture and downed a plate of Swedish meatballs its time to load the car. This is when you suddenly realise that the flatpacks are designed in a way that they are impossible to fit into a standard car by a few inches (despite all efforts to the contrary). You only have two options, unwrap your cardboard entombed item in the carpark and pray to god you don’t lose the screws and instructions or pay the additional fee (usually around the same price as your item) to have it delivered. By this stage you are already exhausted and it may take you weeks to recover before you even attempt to assemble the damn thing.

Well, it seems in china they are playing IKEA at its own game. An increasing number of vistors are using the retail store as either a pick up joint or a place to take a well deserved nap. At night time elderly customers roam the aisles looking for a pretty young thing while the rest look for a comfy showroom display to take a doze on. Yep, it is like a never ending slumber party at China IKEA and getting increasingly hard to find a place to sleep.

Check out the sleepers here.


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8 responses to “Who Needs Hotels in China

  1. START THE CAR, START THE CAR…I’m going to China….

  2. It’s a great place to sleep. 65 Billion Chinese can’t be wrong

  3. There must be a lot of
    happy chinks around 🙂
    Building is fun, even
    with IKEA stuff 🙂 lol

  4. hello frigging loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay roomer has it that at the center of evry ikea their is a minotaur wayting to devowr any unwary virgins hoo wander into its territory but unfortchoonatly for the minotaur their ar no virgins in ikea and now i gess we no why!!! ha ha ok bye

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